Sarah uses still life to explore the beauty and diversity in simple objects, natural forms, flowers and water. Her eye is drawn to the play of light through glass or petals, or upon fabric and glossy surfaces. Drawn to the contrasts between textures in a composition she is particularly interested in the tension created by placing one object next to another.

Sarah’s style is realistic because this best describes the world she loves,  but she also likes to take realism to the edge and achieve photo realism. Sometimes she chooses objects in order to explore the abstract potential she can see in them, for example in a scrunched up piece of paper or colours distorted through water. Occasionally a hint of surrealism also appears.

Sarah wants her paintings to capture the viewer’s imagination, engage their emotions or intellect, and sustain them for years to come.


I graduated from Cardiff University in 1998 with a degree in Art & Aesthetics, my technical skills are self taught and I come from a family of artists, teachers and craftspeople.


My work has sold consistently at galleries, to private collectors and on commission.

Sarah’s work