Cat Randall is from the South of England.

She is a Contemporary Artist whose roots in the art industry stem from her long-established career as an award-winning Tattoo Artist.

Cat has always been inspired by a varity of Art and Photography.  Turning to the skill of Oil painting in 2017 after wanting to expand her skill set she taught  herself to paint with oils.  This has allowed her to explore her interest in portraiture

She developed a passion for Realism Painting, which only Oil Paint can provide, utilizing focus and detail to bring a sense of intimacy to her Paintings.

Cat is always striving to combine the beauty of nature and the sensual grace of the human form. Creating a striking juxtaposition between the two capturing the soft but empowering beauty of their independent souls as one.

Cat can currently be found painting from her Art and Tattoo Studio in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

Cat’s work